Bad words in English

Bad words in English are some of the coolest words and phrases you’ll ever learn! Lyrics from the songs you love, the slang you hear in movies, the English you read in social media…

Some people call it profanity, swear words, explicit language, etc. We call it fun slang!

Taboo English teaches ESL students words they don’t get in school!

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Learn words you don't get in school

You learned English in high school and junior high school, but only the basic stuff. Now you’re ready to LEVEL UP with the slang that makes you more fluent.

Your teachers won’t teach it, your textbooks won’t print it, so we’re gonna teach you!

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People everywhere use bad words in English

This is not the kind of English your grandmother studied. But it’s English that native speakers know and use in everyday life.

You don’t have to use bad words, but if you don’t know them, you’re missing a lot of important English. 

Japanese HS girl learning bad words from Taboo English
Studying bad words in English is fun

English language learning is more fun than ever!

Tired of the traditional ways of learning English? So are we! We’ll give you videos and materials that are fresh and new!  

Taboo English gives you English that doesn’t suck.

Kristy knows many bad words in English

"Bad" words in English are getting better!

Profanity is used in media more now than ever before. Thanks to the Internet, explicit language is everywhere. 

This slang isn’t new, either. Bad words in English have been used for hundreds of years, by great writers, and by famous people and regular people alike. Bad words aren’t bad — they’re becoming the new normal.

Bad words in English are good to know

Japan is more international than ever, and students need all the English that. will help their future. 

Whether it’s building intercultural relationships or working for an international company, understanding how people use bad words in English is more important than you think. 

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We are students in Japan who enjoy learning cool English slang. We are making videos all the time to help you understand the bad words you hear and see, so you can start by subscribing to us on YouTube. Help us reach our goal of 1000 subscribers so that we can join the YouTube Partner Program! 

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