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Things to do when you stay the fuck home


Dressed to #ステイホーム

Hi guysss! It’s Kristy from Taboo English, and we want you to stay the fuck home!

In this blog, we are explaining the slang you guys want to know in a very clear way, with video!

This time, “stay the fuck home” is our theme. We really wanted to give you some crazy examples of things to do when you stay the fuck home.  Because, you know, it’s still important to self-quarantine in Japan. The coronavirus is still out there!


New video topic

Ok, so, the topic of today’s video is STAY HOME!

It’s been ONE YEAR since Coronavirus spread all around the world…

It passed so fast that we could barely make some good memories of 2020, right?!

Students had online classes and some people worked from home, for instance.

Also, at the super market they played songs which the lyrics were saying that we had to keep a distance, but isn’t it easier if they say just to do social distancing? Like, self-quarantine?

The whole world went crazy and we started doing things that even a monkey can do to “prevent” the coronavirus…

Washing our hands, wearing our masks and gargling, and so on…

But aren’t we forgetting about one more thing?

mayra and kristy stretch often
Mayra is very bendy.


As they say at the supermarkets here “waiting at home”

It sounds like we did something wrong right? lol  I’m sorry.

But I want you guys to know that stay home is how Japanese say “hikikomori” in Japanese.

In other words, the people who always stay home, the “hikikomoris” are experts of social distancing! I’m not saying that we all have to do the same as them, but it would be better if we could avoid going out and just stay the fuck home! If we ALL do that,  it will work!


What do you think? どうかな? What do you do when you stay the fuck home?


How was it? As a producer of Taboo English, this video project, #STAYTHEFUCKHOME has a special meaning for me.

We wanted to give you ideas of things to do when you have to stay the fuck home. lol

We had many ideas in 4 months (November to February), and took many shots. So, we put it all together in a short video. We had so much fun and loved each part of the process.

Read about it!

By the way, did you see the book we were reading? It’s the Japanese version of Easy Fucking English. You can find out more about it here. It’s also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

About our performers

Kristy_Mayra stay the fuck home feb 2021
Me and Mayra, thinking of the next gag.



She is small, but has big attitude. And says and does crazy things. Like, CRAZY THINGS. But I love it about her. And when the shootings are long her mood changes in like, seconds. Her bipolar side is funny too. Especially that scene when she put the French fries up her nose… that was crazy. I wonder how she could stay like that. But I felt I could get closer to her!





jana_kristy_say stay the fuck home
party time

I had seen her in person before, but we had never talked to each other. On Instagram she was like, “the red queen”.  But in person, she was totally different, I mean, in a good way.  She is so cute! Like an angel. Most of all, her legs are so long, like omg! I want them for myself.





kristy_flavia_stay the fuck home


I call her “the elder sister”. Have you ever seen boobs like those? They’re like a pillow. Although she said I have it too, I can’t compare mine to hers! Her boobs are holy boobs. How can she be so perfect with that perfect body and beautiful, fierce face? Can I arrest her? That’s so unfair.


Stay the fuck home, behind the scenes:

Those were the performers.

But we also had the photographer Gilberto (with Humberto) and the makeup artists Grazy and Vanessa.

Big love for all of them who took part in this “stay the fuck home” project.

We were inside all the time, so no risk of being with you, corona bitch.




kristy_stay the fuck home biting toes

Some people do yoga to be flexible and keep their body in good condition during times they can’t go outside. My favorite thing to do is putting my toes in my mouth. Biting my toes helps me to relieve stress and it keeps me from going crazy.

Some people prefer to do their right big toe, but if you like to bite your LEFT big toe more, because it tastes better, then you should totally do that. Do you think that sounds crazy? It probably does, but I don’t care, I’m just doing me.

I’m waiting for your comment guys!

Also, do you have other ideas of things to do when you have to stay the fuck home?

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