Flavia holds The Happy

The HAPPY brings HOPE to crisis

Jana and Kristy explain how The HAPPY brings hope to Japan’s Coronavirus crisis. And here are some photos of our angel Flavia, holding The HAPPY.

Lala holds The HAPPY_blueThe HAPPY gives us hope Lala holds The HAPPY_bears

When the Taboo English team went to work on our latest video, “The HAPPY,” we were deep into Japan’s third wave of the coronavirus crisis. During this time, a 4th wave of the health crisis emerged! So, things were getting worse. We were devastated to learn that young women were killing themselves because of depression, loss of jobs, and economic hardships.

Traditionally in Japan, middle-aged Japanese men commit suicide, not young women in their prime. So, we wanted to send a clear message to everyone that YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO KILL YOURSELF. Suicide is not cool, no way, ever. Yes, help is sometimes difficult to get, because Japanese have a custom of keeping things private. We don’t easily ask others for help because it would be a burden to them. GAMAN (enduring) is what people do with emotional burdens. And a ガマン gaman attitude isn’t very fucking effective for people when suicide enters the brain.

Let’s add some HOPE

And so we just created a little magic ball to help us. We call it “The HAPPY.” The HAPPY can change your feelings in this dark time. It keeps us focused on the joy of life, the dreams we held as children, and the necessity of being happy. If you make your “The HAPPY,” you can keep it with you wherever you go, and whatever you do. See how it work in the video we made for you! Let Kristy and Jana show you how:

A lot of work, but we’re satisfied!

It took us weeks to create the video. Between university, work, job-hunting, part-time jobs, and modeling, we worked hard until we were satisfied with it. When it premiered on our YouTube channel last week, it got more views more quickly than any video we had done before! Thank you so much for your support of the message of “The HAPPY!” We loved your comments and LIKES, and we want to send a big shout out to とりぷる, who responded so strongly to our message of hope that he quickly wrote a blog about it –> https://note.com/triple_12239/n/nf0a814f80391

Share The HAPPY

The Taboo English Team uses strong words when we have strong feelings about something important. We are glad that you can get our whole message, and we invite you to spread it further. Share “The HAPPY” with a friend who has a friend who REALLY needs to hear it. Tell them that The HAPPY us hope during Japan’s Coronavirus time, a very serious health crisis, and it’s something they should carry around in Japan. They’ll understand, thank you for it!